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Exclusive content and lifetime video access, anyone? Consider upgrading to the All-Access Pass!✓ Lifetime access to the video content. Watch it on your schedule. Can’t watch them all Aug. 24 & 25th? No problem. Binge-watch when it works for you. Need to see it again? These presentations are so full of actionable tips you may want to watch them more than once-- and now you can!✓ Exclusive content made by our amazing presenters. Extra printables 🖨 , checklists ✅, editable Google docs 🖥 , video content ▶ and more, all designed to help you dive even further into the strategies and implement tactics even more easily. This bundle is offered at a deep discount from what you would pay if you were to buy each item individually from their respective TpT stores—- and even contains items you won’t find anywhere else, such as:Allison Wienhold's Baile Viernes: A Full Year of Friday Dance Slides 💃Perfect for your Spanish class, but the Powerpoint is editable so you can easily change out the done for you slides to make a dance party perfect for whatever your clase is!Amanda Thompson's Tutorials and Templates. From guiding you through the process of adding your own watermarks to your images (always remember protection 😉of your images ) to getting the sizing right each and every timeElizabeth Ingram's Data Tracker. 📊 Beautify your classroom while getting very practical information on how students are progressing at a glance! These are 100% Insta-worthy!Erin Wing's Highlight Your Business on Pinterest Checklist ✅ (she outlines the 4 steps to take with plenty of extra links to make the process that much smoother) AND the Pinterest Templates (these are genius--not only are the formats perfect she explains exactly how to use them right there!)Haylee Harwick's Podcast Response Worksheets. 🎧 These worksheets are not only stunning but they hit all the core elements you'll want your students to focus on, from making inferences to tracking character growth, as you utilize podcasts in the classroomHayley Cain's I Can Statements for 6th Grade Math. ➕ ➗✖️ This is any middle school math teacher's dream to help students feel empowered by the progress they've made. Not a math teacher? Hayley has perfectly showcased how to make standards speak a students' languageJacob Chastain's How NOT to Kill Book Love ▶️ (Actually titled "10 Minute Guide To Book Love") is a bonus video on what to do (and what not to do) to foster a life-long readers, with solid tips for you, no matter what subject matter you teachJeanine Schneider's Reading Conferences Done Right Forms & More. 📚A variety pack of perfectly formatted notes for providing feedback! Elementary school teachers have the bonus of having student-friendly language and texts for each skill students need to master.Kayla Dessert's Sweet Summary Sundae 🍦Get your students hungry to practice summary with a tactic that helps students remember what to do with a big printout perfect for displaying in your classroomKelly Jackson's Organize Your Utable Tutorial. 📂 No matter what grade level you teach, Kelly is on a mission to make your classroom more manageable. Clutter doesn't stand a chance with Kelly's step by step system, complete with checklists and extra links to help you make organization a habit.Kristin Yann's Choice Board and Menu Templates. 🙋🏻‍♀️Spend time coming up with choices that work for your students, not with formatting them! Plug in what works for your students and have a display-ready, printer-ready, and certainly Pinterest ready assignment ready in seconds!Martina Cahill's Reading Response Rubrics. 📕Done for you rubrics, ready to go! Already customized for grades 4-8. With the standards on one side and a formatted and attractive area for scoring on the right hand side, this is one less step you'll need to take when grading students work!Michele Hamilton's Goal Setting Guide. 💫 Reach your goals in 6 easy steps? Yes, please!Nicki Dingraudo Spider Room Transformation Kit. 🕸Customize task cards to ready to project or print letter about the transformation itself. This set is so versatile--whether you teach science or you just want a head start on getting your classroom Halloween ready!Peyton Curley's Week-long 🗓Social Emotional Learning Curriculum for grades K-2 or 3-5. Help your kiddos with this important, life-long skill set!Shelly Rees's Editable Task Cards. 64 designs to choose from! 🖨Printer ready! Get the shape and color suitable for your grade and group. I bet these would also make for a very easy to display bulletin board or student exit ticket, too!Luke Rosa's PBL Back To School Snapchat Project. 📱Did we catch your attention? Because we know it will get your students to listen up!Melissa Kruse's Vingo! For Teaching Vocabulary 🔠 Challenge your students to record places they've have readAmanda Murtaugh's Self Awareness Workbook ✏️ and Grounding Techniques Poster  ☀️✓ Snag your ticket at just $79.99 for this $397 value.

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